Line of Credit Management, Digitized

Bushel is collaborating with Farm Credit associations to enable improved cash management and money movement for borrowers via Bushel Wallet. With Bushel’s network of 2600+ locations and collective 100K+ farmers, the value created with the Farm Credit and Bushel Wallet integration enables opportunities for Line of Credit usage directly on point-of-sale purchases.

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Give Control to Borrowers

Join the network, and support your borrowers to link their farm operating loan to their Bushel Wallet account. This streamlined process brings visibility of loan terms such as available credit, accrued interest, and maturity dates. Most importantly, borrowers can draw from their balance and issue repayments.

Join us

Contact us and learn more about how your institution can join the network as a participating Farm Credit System partner.

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Simple Repayment


Utilize Funds


Line of Credit Management

4501 - 24 Hour Shopping


Borrowers can use their line of credit to check their principal balance, view accrued interest, and make a payment any time, anywhere.

4528 - Vault


Digital payments are encrypted reducing the risk of fraud or identity theft. No more sharing of banking information via paper.

4520 - Payment I

Streamlined Experience

Our user-friendly interface makes it easy for your borrowers to manage their loans, payments, and accounts.

9266 - Time Based Payment

Quick Digital Payments

Your borrowers can draw on their line of credit as desired and repay within your set terms.